Daddy's Girl


Daddy's Girl is a Drama Thriller movie directed by . It stars Lindsey Bean, Roberto Lombardi, Ali Stover, among others.

Daddy's Girl is currently rated 3.8 stars on the ReelBugs scale.

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Title Daddy's Girl
Language en
Genres Drama
Status Released
Countries United States of America,
Runtime 90 min
Tagline "I will kill for you"

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Daddy's Girl Summary

A twisted suspense thriller about a manipulative teenage girl who convinces her widower/alcoholic/over protective father that the boy she asked out on a date beat and raped her, when in fact he turned down her advances. But no amount of facts can persuade this enraged father. No one hurts Daddy's Girl.

Daddy's Girl Cast

Lindsey Bean Daddy's Girl Jessica Hailey Image
Lindsey Bean

Jessica Hailey

Roberto Lombardi Daddy's Girl Anthony Schiavo
Roberto Lombardi

Anthony Schiavo

Ali Stover Daddy's Girl Erin Hailey Image
Ali Stover

Erin Hailey

Christian Chase Daddy's Girl The Gimp Image
Christian Chase

The Gimp

Parents Guide

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