White Boy Rick


White Boy Rick is a 2018 Drama Crime movie directed by . It stars Richie Merritt, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, among others.

White Boy Rick is currently rated 5.9 stars on the ReelBugs scale.

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Title White Boy Rick
Language en
Genres Drama
Status Released
Countries United States of America,
Runtime 116 min
Tagline "Hustler. Informant. Kingpin. Legend."

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White Boy Rick Summary

The story of teenager, Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the police during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.

White Boy Rick Cast

Richie Merritt White Boy Rick Ricky Wershe Jr.
Richie Merritt

Ricky Wershe Jr.

Matthew McConaughey White Boy Rick Richard Wershe Sr.
Matthew McConaughey

Richard Wershe Sr.

Jennifer Jason Leigh White Boy Rick Alex Snyder
Jennifer Jason Leigh

Alex Snyder

Bel Powley White Boy Rick Dawn Wershe
Bel Powley

Dawn Wershe

RJ Cyler White Boy Rick Rudell Boo Curry
RJ Cyler

Rudell Boo Curry

Rory Cochrane White Boy Rick Agent Byrd
Rory Cochrane

Agent Byrd

Eddie Marsan White Boy Rick Art Derrick
Eddie Marsan

Art Derrick

Bruce Dern White Boy Rick Grandpa Roman Wershe
Bruce Dern

Grandpa Roman Wershe

Piper Laurie White Boy Rick Grandma Verna Wershe
Piper Laurie

Grandma Verna Wershe

Brian Tyree Henry White Boy Rick Detective Jackson
Brian Tyree Henry

Detective Jackson

Taylour Paige White Boy Rick Cathy Volsan
Taylour Paige

Cathy Volsan

Jonathan Majors White Boy Rick Johnny 'Lil Man' Curry
Jonathan Majors

Johnny 'Lil Man' Curry

Kyanna Simone Simpson White Boy Rick Brenda Moore
Kyanna Simone Simpson

Brenda Moore

Lawrence Adimora White Boy Rick Tyler Image
Lawrence Adimora


Brad Carter White Boy Rick Bob the Gun Show Dealer
Brad Carter

Bob the Gun Show Dealer

Brian Wolfman Black Bowman White Boy Rick Hanserd crew
Brian Wolfman Black Bowman

Hanserd crew

Gaynelle W. Sloman White Boy Rick News Reporter Image
Gaynelle W. Sloman

News Reporter

Derrick Gilliam White Boy Rick Mayor Young's Bodyguard Image
Derrick Gilliam

Mayor Young's Bodyguard

Yassie Hawkes White Boy Rick Actress
Yassie Hawkes


Lauren Ashley Berry White Boy Rick Caesar's Ticket Lady
Lauren Ashley Berry

Caesar's Ticket Lady

Parents Guide

White Boy Rick is rated R. Individuals under 17 require an accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them. For a more detailed description, check out White Boy Rick - Parents Guide

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User Profile
June 5, 2018

Two things got me hyped for this movie.

1. "Based on a true story"

2. Badass Matthew Mcconoughey

User Profile
June 8, 2018

Yessss finally I can't wait. I play a nurse in the movie in an important part. I waited over a year to see myself yet again in another good movie. Cmon September!!!

User Profile
June 12, 2018

The history of Detroit is crazy we got so much to tell

User Profile
Sept. 15, 2018

If I was rick I’ll be suing the FBI for endangering a minor life because FBI didn’t give a fck abo Rick life he was about 15 or 16 doing the same job as a FBI agent.. Let that man out of prison he did his time..

User Profile
July 6, 2018

If you are from the D, then you know about young boys incorporated, and the Chambers brothers. Rick got famously for being a white boy.

User Profile
June 4, 2018

One The Best Trailers of The Year

User Profile
Aug. 4, 2018

For anyone wondering:

Donna Summer- I Feel Love

User Profile
Sept. 6, 2018

You know what’s funny about this movie? They didn’t need to build a set of Detroit. They could film real life Detroit and it looks the same!

User Profile
June 12, 2018

Feds did Rick dirty facts

User Profile
Sept. 8, 2018

I donno if this is gonna be a good movie or not. But this is one kickass trailer.

User Profile
June 7, 2018

Lol he looks like ohgeesy from shoreline mafia.

User Profile
July 26, 2018

WBR wasn't even moving any major weight. Y.B.I., Chambers brothers, Pony Down all were pushing way more than him. Maserati Rick was killing them too. WBR is in prison not because of drugs. He is in prison because he had the drop on major politicians and Cops. He even had some knowledge on State police, Marshalls and Toledo cops. That's why he got nabbed. If it was only for the drugs he was pushing, he would have only did about 5-8. He was small time as far as the drugs were concerned.

Dexter and Davidson - Those who know, know! T.$tones - Y.B.I.

User Profile
Sept. 17, 2018

The actual movie is missing scenes from what they are previewing in this. Wtf!!!!

User Profile
June 8, 2018

Real hustlers come from Detroit

User Profile
Jan. 9, 2019

why is it perfectly fine to make a movie title white boy rick buy if we would say black boy rick it would be racist and all over every media ?

User Profile
June 6, 2018

If Trevor Phillip had a family

User Profile
Sept. 16, 2018

Rick looks like ohgeesy from shoreline mafia anyone agree or is it just me?

User Profile
Aug. 29, 2018

So, a movie about a WHITE DRUG DEALER is OK, but a movie about a BLACK one GLORIFIES VIOLENCE. Now I get it.

User Profile
Aug. 14, 2018

This movie finna be live asf

User Profile
July 14, 2018

"come onnnn daaaaddd"

User Profile
June 4, 2018

"Son, the Lion don't leave the Serengeti"

User Profile
July 26, 2018

I'd rather see a film about the Best Friends, Masarati Rick, or the Chambers Brothers.

User Profile
June 12, 2018

How about a movie called “BLACK BOY TRAYVON”

User Profile
Sept. 8, 2018

Let's celebrate more trash culture for entertainment. Hopefully in twenty years they'll make a fascinating movie about the cool opioid dealers who destroyed white middle America. I have to run. There's a cool show on Netflix on about serial killers I'm going to check out!

User Profile
Aug. 4, 2018

I was in this movie 😁

User Profile
Oct. 9, 2018

Good old USA! Glorifying drug dealers & then wonder why kids want to be the next "Legend" Postmodernism has taken america into the pit. Accept Jesus in your heart believe it or not! He's coming!

User Profile
Sept. 6, 2018

We're going for CUSTARD!

User Profile
Sept. 18, 2018

I just saw the movie and I thought it was really great, but I will admit it was a bit uncomfortable when the scene where the 15 year old actor playing White Boy Rick gets seduced into sex with a woman who's clearly in her mid 20s. That was a bit creepy.

User Profile
Jan. 15, 2019

The whole boat/ship scenes never happened in the actual movie

User Profile
June 5, 2018

Grew up in the D. His crew had a video store in my neighborhood when I was a kid. Pops sent me to get a movie. Dude behind the counter wasn't paying attention and gave me the wrong movie case. I get home I'm like pops why is there white stuff in this case. 😁 Pops closes the case we walk back to video store pops hands dude the case like "you gave the wrong movie to my son" dude was like Sorry get any movies you want free" long story true story!